Unity 4.0 launches with DX11, Mecanim and Flash export

Unity 4

Unity Technologies has released the latest version of its multi-platform engine and development tools, Unity 4.0.

The update introduces DirectX 11 support, along with a litany of new visual capabilities, and the powerful in-built character animation system Mecanim. 4.0 also marks to official launch of the Adobe Flash Player Add-on, which allows users to export to Adobe’s player, and a preview of its upcoming Linux publishing option.

Unity 4.0 was announced last June and is available to download from today. The longer, though not exhaustive, list of improvements follows. Click the previous link for more details:

  • Shuriken particle system supports external forces, bent normals, automatic culling, and environmental collisions
  • 3D texture support
  • Navigation: dynamic obstacles and avoidance priority
  • Major optimizations in GUI performance and memory usage
  • Dynamic fonts on all platforms with HTML-like markup
  • Remote Unity Web Player debugging
  • New Project Window workflows
  • Iterative lightmap baking
  • Refined component-based workflows
  • Extensible inspectors for custom classes
  • Improved Cubemap import pipeline
  • Geometry data improvements for huge memory and performance savings
  • Meshes can be constructed from non-triangle geometry – render points & lines efficiently