Unity reaches a million developers

More than a million developers are now using the Unity engine, Unity Technologies has announced.

In a press release, the company confirms that its engine has been downloaded over six million times. Unity continues to grow apace: by the end of 2010 it had amassed 250,000 registered developers, and by the end of last year that had grown to 750,000. It means Unity's userbase has grown by a third in the last three months alone.

CEO David Helgason said: "When we released Unity 1.0 back in 2005, we didn't even dream numbers like that, but simply started by trying to be a great tool for the few hundred customers who adopted Unity.

"That goal remains the same, as we now use our incredible momentum to improve our products and extend our reach. We're just getting started."

Recent improvements include a deal with Adobe that will see the two companies cooperate to help developers target the Flash platform, and the release of Unity 3.5, which added a host of new features and tweaks to the increasingly popular engine.

We're currently running the Edge Create Challenge 2012, with the best Unity-built web game winning a Unity Pro licence and the Android Pro and iOS Android Pro add-ons.