UTV Ignition no longer developing games in-house

UTV Ignition no longer developing games in-house

UTV Ignition is dropping development to focus on partner-publishing. Speaking to Siliconera, director of business development Shane Bettenhausen revealed that the company's London studio – which was working on Project Kane, formerly known as War Devil – will cease to develop games.

Anonymous sources at Ignition revealed that the company has laid off its London-based console team. The sources claim that the project has now been cancelled.

It subsequently emerged that around 15 staff at Ignition's Austin studio, which is developing FPS Reich, have also been made redundant.

"We can confirm that a small console team, which was working on pre-production of an unannounced title, was laid off," read an official email sent to Gamasutra. "The PC team was unaffected."

In addition, Ignition's Japan studio, which has just completed El Shaddai: Ascension Of The Metatron, will also likely close following the conclusion of its current project.

Bettenhausen said that the London and Tokyo offices will remain open, but only in a publishing capacity. He clarified that the company will continue to create new IP, but will look to work with external developers to create games based on them.

Source: Develop / Siliconera / Gamasutra