Valve announces Team Fortress 2 weapon balance update

Team Fortress 2

Valve has teased what will be coming in a new Team Fortress 2 weapon balance update in a new blog post.

Updates include changes to the Soldier’s Battalion Backup item to make it activate on damage dealt rather than damage taken, as well as a nerf to make the Spy’s Dead Ringer to make the invisibility incurred upon the escaped “death” less lengthy. “We’ve gotten emails from players who describe the item as frustrating to fight against, requiring too little skill from the Spies and too much from their opponents,” says Valve.

Finally, equipping full item sets will no longer reward players with buffs. Instead, those buffs will be spread out over the set to allow for more flexibility in choosing items.

“One of our goals as we continue to work on Team Fortress is to support a wide variety of play styles,” says Valve. “In order to achieve that, it’s been vitally important that the weapons in the game are fun not just to use, but to play against.”