Valve releases Steam Big Picture mode to the public



Steam’s Big Picture mode, which tweaks the service’s interface for use on televisions rather than monitors, has left closed beta and launched to the public today.

To promote the release, Valve has also announced a week-long Steam sale of “controller-friendly” games that will showcase the mode, including Limbo, Braid, Portal 2, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and that all-time living room classic, Train Simulator 2013.

While the rumoured Steam Box software and associated console steadfastly remains just that – a rumour – the increasing availability of small, powerful PCs and their relatively inexpensive pricepoints could, with the help of Big Picture mode, conceivably result in yet more genuine competition for traditional consoles. With Ouya also on track to make an impact, and Wii U making an uncertain start, the future is looking appealingly unpredictable.