Vector Unit Brings Hydro Thunder Tech To Android

Vector Unit Brings Hydro Thunder Tech To Android

Vector Unit, developer of XBLA title Hydro Thunder Hurricane, is bringing its water technology to Android tablets thanks to the Tegra 2 platform.

The studio’s latest title, Riptide GP, has been developed for Android handsets and tablets and is being shown off at trade show the Mobile World Congress, running this week in Barcelona.

Riptide GP features similar dynamic water technology to that used in Hydro Thunder Hurricane, something that was previously unthinkable on mobile devices but which the developer says is now possible thanks to Nvidia’s Tegra 2, the first dual-core mobile chip.

The game’s technical director, Ralf Knoesel, said: “The thing that’s great about racing on water is that the track is always changing. “It’s not like racing on a static road where every lap is completely predictable. When you’re riding over huge swells of ocean waves you have to make decisions about when to carve through a trough or jump a crest.

“Until recently it just wasn’t possible to create the kind of game we wanted to make on a phone or a tablet,” he continued. “With Tegra 2, we’ve been able to create a racing experience that combines sophisticated physics simulations with console-class visuals.”

Riptide GP is set for release this summer. We rather liked Hydro Thunder Hurricane, giving it 8 out of 10, and you can read our review here.