Vita battery life better than 3DS


Sony's new handheld, PlayStation Vita, boasts better battery life than that of Nintendo's 3DS.

A test carried out on the new portable, which was released in Japan on Saturday, found that the 3G model's battery ran out after three hours and 47 minutes of playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

The 3DS battery drained after just two hours and 35 minutes of playing Monster Hunter Tri G, meaning Vita's battery lasts 46 per cent longer than that of the 3DS. Both systems were played at full brightness and volume, with the 3DS depth slider also set to maximum.

Vita sold between 321,000 and 325,000 in its first two days on sale, according to data released by Enterbrain and Media Create respectively. More than 370,000 3DS consoles were sold during its first week on shelves following its release in Japan in February.