Vita memory card “pretty much a requirement”

A memory card is "pretty much a requirement" for PlayStation Vita, according to Japanese magazine Famitsu.

Andriasang brings word that some games – apparently including Uncharted: Golden Abyss - will not even boot up without a memory card inserted into Sony's upcoming PSP successor.

All of which is fair enough – especially for those preferring to download their games from the PlayStation Store rather than buy boxed product at retail – but Sony's decision to use a new proprietary card format means, inevitably, they will come at quite a price.

While worldwide pricing is yet to be revealed, in Japan a 4GB card costs ¥2,200 (£18), 8GB ¥3,200 (£26), and 16GB ¥5,500 (£45), while a 32GB card will set you back ¥9,500 (£78).

Vita launches in Japan on December 17, and will be released in Europe, Australia and the US on February 22.