Vogel: Botched Diablo III launch “bad for PC/Mac gaming”

Indie developer Jeff Vogel has criticised Blizzard's insistence on maintaining a constant internet connection in order to play the game, saying it's "bad for PC/Mac gaming".

Vogel's comments come in light of Diablo III's disastrous launch yesterday, in which server problems prevented anybody from playing it – even in single player.

"[Blizzard will] still make a mint," Vogel writes on his blog. "But this sort of thing tarnishes the entire platform. 

"Every gamer who gets hit with this sort of thing has a chance of being pushed away from the PC (and with good reason!) and toward consoles and iOS, platforms that don't have these hassles."

Vogel, whose company Spiderweb produces RPGs for the PC, complains that Blizzard's debacle affects other PC developers, including his own, and that it will hurt his bottom line.

"Oh well," he continues. "I guess I'll spend time with my family instead. Sigh. If I wanted to spend more time with my family, you think I would have bought Diablo III?"

While the connectivity issue seems to be settling down, Blizzard is now facing a new game-breaking error.