Warner’s keen on Lollipop Chainsaw movie

Warner's keen on Lollipop Chainsaw movie

Warner's keen on Lollipop Chainsaw movie

Grasshopper Manufacture's upcoming hack-and-slash title Lollipop Chainsaw has already been considered for a Hollywood adaptation, its writer has revealed.

Speaking to us at GDC last week, James Gunn told us that Warner Bros, which is to publish Suda 51's zombie-infested action title in the west, expressed interest in adapting the game for the big screen in the project's early days – and that a movie could happen should the game prove successful upon its release in June.

"To be completely honest, [Warners] already approached me about that early on," he told us. "If people embrace the game, then it sets the ground for creating something.

"It would be hard to make a Lollipop Chainsaw movie without people knowing the game. As has been proved by some of my movies – Super made a lot of money but we made it for $2 million, Slither didn't make money – these mixed genre movies have a hard time making money.

"But if it's a product people are familiar with, it's a different story," he continued. "If Lollipop Chainsaw has a big enough audience, which we hope it does, then I think a movie would be a great thing."

It's hard to imagine a major Hollywood player like Warners being drawn to a script about a cheerleader ridding her high school of a zombie infestation with a chainsaw. Yet Gunn points out that gamers are more inclined to give different stories and genres a chance than film buffs; Lollipop Chainsaw the game could be made into a film, but if it were a original screenplay, it would never get greenlit.

"Gamers are just way more open to different kinds of storytelling," he said. "Movie-goers just aren't; they want just one of five genres.

"Zombieland's one of the few examples of a mixed-genre movie that both worked as a film and financially. Because games are first and foremost a form of fun, [gamers] are open to more crazy ideas."