Wasteland 2 raises $500k on Kickstarter

Brian Fargo's InXile Entertainment has raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter to fund development of a sequel to 1980s post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland.

The Wasteland 2 project kicked off yesterday, with Fargo seeking $900,000 in funding for Wasteland 2, a direct sequel to the EA RPG which was released in 1988. At the time of writing it has raised $534,243 from 9,174 backers.

"This is probably the last chance for a Wasteland sequel," Fargo writes on the project page. "We have tried to pitch this game multiple times to game publishers, but they've balked. They don't think there's any interest in a solid, old-school type of game. This is our shot at proving them wrong."

The project's actual estimated budget is $1 million, but Fargo will fund the remaining $100,000 out of his own pocket. In the event Wasteland 2 follows Double Fine Adventure's lead and raises much more than its target, it will increase in size and scope; if funding passes $1.5 million the game will be released for OSX as well as PC.

Those pledging $15 or more get a downloadable copy of the final game, and their in-game party will start "with a unique and quirky skill." A $50 pledge nets a large boxed copy of the game "complete with worn cloth game map and old-school instruction book", and other perks.

Four people have already kicked in $10,000, for which they will be invited to an exclusive private party hosted by Fargo and the team. An in-game shrine will be erected in their honour, and they'll receive 50 copies of the game to distribute as they please. "And our deep appreciation," the project page says. "And a medal."