What’s Inside The Cube? Curiosity players will find out in a few days, says Peter Molyneux



There are 50 layers left until we discover what’s at the centre of the Curiosity cube, Peter Molyneux has revealed.

His studio 22cans confirmed today that Curiosity players that update to version three through Google Play and the App Store will find just 50 layers remaining.

Molyneux’s experimental first release through 22cans invites players to tap away at a simple cube, gradually removing its layers until they reach the centre. Molyneux has promised that just one person will discover what’s at the cube’s centre, and has suggested that the prize is “life-changing.”

“If it goes at the same rate as it has at its height [to date] then we’ll be going through about ten layers a day – that means it’ll be all over in five days,” Molyneux told us. “If it goes at the same rate that it is at the moment – one layer a day – it’s going to take fifty days.  It shouldn’t be too much longer but it really depends on how many people come back on to the cube.”

There are also a number of other new features in the Curiosity update, including an ‘auto-tapper’ which will tap for you when you’re not online, plus the ability to see how much the cube has shrunk down by scrolling around the room.

22cans also released a video to announce the update, whch you can watch below.