Why isn’t Xbox One backwards compatible? Microsoft explains

Xbox One

Xbox One won’t play Xbox 360 games because Microsoft wanted to be in a “forward-looking position” with its next console, Phil Spencer has told us.

The Microsoft Studios boss also suggested that 360 owners should look forward to a big announcement at E3 around the future of the console.

We asked Spencer whether Xbox One would be backwards compatible at the reveal event yesterday. “No,” he replied. “People can keep their 360 and obviously the content will continue to work but we really wanted to take a forward-looking position with Xbox One – something designed for the next ten years – and that required backward compatability be one of those things we had to put off the list.”

“Are we worried about it? No,” he added. “In fact we have a big announcement about 360 we’re gonna have at E3 that i’m excited about. People will keep their boxes, maybe on a new TV, maybe alongside an Xbox One.”

Spencer told us why Xbox One games are “locked” to each user earlier.