Wii U CPU less than half the speed of Xbox 360 and PS3, says Wii hacker

Wii U

Wii U

Wii U’s processor runs at just 1.24GHz, less than half the speed of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The claim comes from Marcan, a hacker who was part of the HackMii project which greatly streamlined the process of getting homebrew software onto the Wii.

In a series of posts on his Twitter account, Marcan confirms that Wii U’s CPU runs at a little over 1.24GHz. Both PS3 and Xbox 360 CPUs run at 3.2GHz. Wii U’s GPU core clocks in at a shade under 550MHz, which is the same as the PS3, and slightly more than Xbox 360’s 500MHz.

Eurogamer’s Richard Leadbetter was quick to query whether Marcan’s findings were taken from an idle CPU, saying the reading seemed “really low”. If not, though, it would go some way to justifying comments made by the CTO at Metro Last Light developer 4A, who said last week that the Wii U’s CPU was “horrible” and “slow”.

What is clear is that Marcan is already hard at work on breaching Wii U’s system security. When asked by Leadbetter for further details he said: “Sorry, I’d rather not talk about how I got that yet. It doesn’t involve leaks, it involves Wii U hacks.”