Windows 8 App Generator contest launches: £40,000 of prizes on offer for app developers

Windows 8

Windows 8

Windows 8 has launched, and with it the Windows Store, Microsoft’s answer to the App Store and Google Play. For developers, it’s a route to a potential audience of millions; as if that weren’t incentive enough, Microsoft and Future Publishing are running an app development contest with £40,000 worth of prizes on offer.

The Windows 8 App Generator contest, which kicks off on Monday and runs for four weeks, is open to would-be developers, those with projects already in progress, and even those whose apps are already live on the Windows Store. Simply sign up here, and as soon as your app is live on the Store you’ll be automatically entered into the competition.

Every day for the competition’s four-week run we’ll be giving away a 32GB Windows 8 tablet in a Daily Prize Draw. All submissions will also be entered into the Winter Prize Draw, the winner of which will be sent a Dell workstation, Wacom 24 HD tablet, and 16GB Lytro camera.

A panel of judges will select the Ten Best Apps, which will each be awarded a Windows 8 Ultrabook, Windows tablet and a Nokia Lumia 920 Windows 8 Phone. The panel will whittle the top ten down to a single Grand Final winner, which in addition to the above will also walk off with a Dell workstation, Wacom 24 HD tablet and 16GB Lytro camera.

Further evidence of Microsoft’s bid to lure developers to its new operating system and marketplace can be found in the host of support documentation aimed at helping developers of all levels of competence get up and running –  whether you’re a web developer, make iOS apps or have never written a line of code in your life.

The Windows 8 App Generator contest runs from November 26 to 3.30pm on December 24. For more information, and full terms and conditions, visit the contest’s official website.