World Of Goo hits a million Apple downloads

Indie physics puzzler World Of Goo has been downloaded over a million times from Apple's App Store, developer 2D Boy has announced.

In a post on the studio blog, the company points out that the milestone has been reached just over a year after the game was first released for iPad. Around 290,000 of the total were downloaded for iPhone, with the vast majority of downloads – 690,000 – of the universal app that followed. The remaining 20,000 were downloaded from the Mac App Store.

"Some time in the wee hours of last night, someone was the millionth person to buy World Of Goo on the App Store," the post reads. "Whoever you are, we wish you a long, healthy and prosperous life!"

The developer goes on to say the Android version, released late last year, is also doing well, with 70,000 paid downloads and 450,000 trying out the demo. The iOS release had sold around 180,000 copies during the same period after launch.

"This is not a fair comparison for a variety of reasons," the developer admits, "but it does indicate that the Android Market is no longer the tiny upstart it was a year ago."

"Another thing worth pointing out is that even though most of the time the Android Market top ten list contains only freemium/F2P games, there is an opportunity for high-visibility paid games to do very well on Android."