World Of Starcraft Modder Offered Job

World Of Starcraft Modder Offered Job

World Of Starcraft Modder Offered Job

Modder incurs Blizzard’s wrath for making Starcraft MMO; League Of Legends dev pops up with job offer.

The modder behind World Of Starcraft – which used public modding tools to turn Blizzard’s Starcraft II into an MMOG – has been offered a job at Riotgames.

In a post on Pixelated Geek the modder, known online as Ryan, was offered a job with League Of Legends developer Riotgames.

“Ryan, I’d like to speak with you about potentially working for Riotgames,” wrote user coriannemama. “I think you’re awesome.”

Yesterday Rock Paper Shotgun told how Ryan woke to find that World Of Warcraft and Starcraft II publisher Activision Blizzard had claimed copyright infringement over the YouTube videos he had posted of his work, demanding their removal from the video sharing site.

The infringement notice only called for the videos to be removed, theoretically leaving Ryan free to continue work on the project, and he said he would be prepared to change the name if Blizzard was happy for him to continue development. “Bottom Line. If Blizzard/Activision doesn’t want this to happen then it won’t,” Ryan wrote on his forum.

“This game HAS to be pumped through the veins of to work. I hope and pray that we can come to an understanding here. If they want the name changed then I’ll change it.”

Ryan said he would seriously consider Riotgames’ offer, saying: “I would be a complete idiot not to… I’ve waited my whole life for something like this. I feel like I’m in a dream man.” He has yet to confirm whether he will continue work on World Of Starcraft under a different name.