Xbox 360 dash update causes video playback issue

Microsoft has apparently failed to respond to concerns raised by beta testers who spotted a drop in the quality of video playback after installing the Xbox 360 Metro dashboard update.

Users told Eurogamer that videos played from the new dash run at limited range RGB levels, with colours washed out and blacks appearing grey, with Digital Foundry tests confirming the issue.

It appears the issue was reported on numerous occasions during the Metro dashboard's closed beta phase prior to its launch last week. Microsoft's sole response was to delete all threads referring to it.

"Thanks for the feedback!" reads a message posted by Microsoft when the issue was reported. "Though we will not be able to incorporate your feedback into this release we will save it for consideration in future releases. Thanks for using the new Xbox Update and please keep up the feedback!"

It seems odd that Microsoft would not ensure this issue was addressed given that the Metro update is built around video, with a slew of TV and entertainment companies signed up to provide content through the console. It's also, as Digital Foundry points out, rather disrespectful to those beta testers who identified and reported a significant bug in the update that went unaddressed, and calls into question the whole point of running a beta in the first place.