Xbox 360 Has Sold 39 Million Worldwide

Xbox 360 Has Sold 39 Million Worldwide

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Entertainment & Devices President Robbie Bach have taken to the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show and reported that there are there are now over 39 million Xbox 360 consoles around the world.

Other facts released in Las Vegas include news that more than 500 million games have been sold. “Between Christmas and New Years Day, Xbox Live experienced its busiest week ever, adding a new member every second and a record of more than 2.2 million concurrent members online,” said Ballmer.

“Nearly 10 million people have logged into Xbox Live’s nongaming applications — Facebook, Twitter, Netflix,, Sky, Canal and Zune — using their Xbox as a way to stay connected to friends and family.”

The company added that Xbox Live membership is now at over 20 million people.

Earlier today Sony reported that PS3 had sold 3.8 million units over the holiday period, a 76 per cent increase in worldwide PS3 sales compared to the previous year.