Xbox 360 May Adapt to Blu-ray

Xbox 360 May Adapt to Blu-ray

Less than a week after Bill Gates’ CES announcement of an HD-DVD add-on
for the Xbox 360, Xbox marketing VP Peter Moore said that a Blu-ray
adaptor could be designed if necessary.

Moore told Japanese site ITmedia that if the Microsoft-backed
HD-DVD format loses the format war to Sony’s Blu-ray, then Microsoft
could simply manufacturer a Blu-ray player add-on (and early HD-DVD
add-on adoptors could simply buy a Blu-ray upgrade to accompany their
theoretically obsolete HD-DVD add-on, apparently).

He also said that if
HD-DVD does win over consumers and movie studios to become the
standard, the Blu-ray-equipped PlayStation 3 will be out of luck. Moore
made it clear that any external drives would not be capable of playing
HD games, whichever format.

Via Joystiq