Xbox 360 poised to overtake Wii in UK



Microsoft’s home console is less than 200,000 total UK unit sales behind Nintendo’s current-gen leader and catching up fast, says a report on CVG.

Xbox 360 sold over four times its Nintendo counterpart in 2012, says GFK ChartTrack. Video games console sales dipped by a third last year, but Microsoft’s console outsold its rivals by a “significant margin”, says the report.

Nintendo DS remains the UK’s best-selling console, followed by the PlayStation 2. Wii is currently in third, though it looks set to be overtaken by Xbox 360 in fourth.

The picture is a little different globally. In September 2012, Nintendo said that Wii had sold 97 million units, Microsoft revealed it had shifted 70 million 360s in October 2012 and Sony stated that it had ‘sold in’ 70 million PS3s in November of last year.