Xbox One: Microsoft “confident” we won’t see another red ring of death disaster


Microsoft learned a lot from ‘red ring of death’ disaster on 360 and is confident it won’t happen again with Xbox One, says Phil Spencer.

The Microsoft Studios boss has told us that the same team which put together the Xbox 360 Slim ‘Trinity’ hardware is building Xbox One, and the team’s work so far has inspired confidence in the reliability of its next home console.

“The last Xbox was Trinity [Xbox 360 Slim] and our success rate on Trinity was very high,” Spencer told us. “We learned a ton from the 360 launch and we took care of our customers with the extended warranty, but I think Trinity is telling.”

“Xbox One is built by the same Trinity team with the same learning that went from Xbox 360 into Trinity, and I’m confident in the quality of the new box,” Spencer added.

After the big Xbox One reveal this week, the Microsoft studios boss has also explained to us why Xbox One won’t be backwards compatible and why games will be ‘locked’ to each owner.

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