Xbox One to host Sky and Canal+ TV content in Europe

Xbox One TV&Movies

Microsoft has already signed deals with Sky and Canal+ to bring European TV content to Xbox One.

As part of this week’s reveal event, Microsoft focused on its new console’s TV offering, announcing a major partnership with the NFL which will bring exclusive, interactive content to Xbox One. It also announce a partnership with Steven Spielberg, who will be involved in a new Halo TV series.

We asked Microsoft Studios boss Phil Spencer what the platform holder’s plans are for Europe.

“We have partnerships with Sky, with Canal+ in France, and we’ll continue to grow our international expansion,” he told us. “We’ll put a worldwide face on the platform because Europe, in particular, is especially important to us this generation.”

“We want the world to watch television through this box,” he added.

It’s been a busy week for Microsoft – we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Xbox One here.

Update: Microsoft has contacted us to clarify that Spencer is referring to existing partnerships for Xbox 360 content here. Conversations are still taking place with Sky and Canal+ with regards to Xbox One.