Xbox One U-turn reiterates Microsoft’s “commitment to gamers,” says Game

Game Group closes 277 stores, cutting 2,100 jobs

Game boss Martyn Gibbs has said that by ditching Xbox One’s DRM and secondhand games restrictions, Microsoft has shown its ongoing commitment to the gaming community.

Reacting to Microsoft’s DRM U turn last night, the specialist retailer’s CEO told us that Game had seen an incredible reaction over social media. Preowned games are a vital part of Game’s high street offering, so Gibbs was understandably delighted at the news.

“Microsoft have shown that they truly understand and value their fan base and the gaming community as a whole,” he told us. “Microsoft have listened to the feedback of recent weeks and acted on it, putting gamers and the way they wish to access and pay for their gaming at the centre of their plans for the future. I am immensely impressed with both the speed and the scope of the changes – it shows a real commitment to gamers around the globe.”

“Last night’s announcement shows that the industry is driven by the community of gamers, a community Microsoft has grown and supported over many years,” added Gibbs. “The community has the power to shape the future and I know that gamers everywhere will welcome Microsoft’s announcement – we’re really excited about the new console and we know the gamers of the UK are too.”

Since Microsoft’s announcement last night, analysts have weighed in on the matter, suggesting that although Xbox One’s prospects have improved, PS4 retains the upper hand by dint of its lower price.