Yogscast “disappointed” by Notch Minecon claims

The trio behind YouTube sensation Yogscast have said in a statement that they are "disappointed" by allegations made about their conduct at last weekend's Minecon event by Markus "Notch" Persson, head of Minecraft developer Mojang.

Earlier this week Persson said he would not be working again with the Yogscast team, slamming them in a series of tweets for acting "like total spoiled divas nonstop" and concluding: "They're an isolated island of egos."

Lewis Brindley, Simon Lane and Hannah Rutherford, the trio whose YouTube channel receives some 80 million views every month, did not immediately respond as they were travelling back from Las Vegas and recovering from the journey. Last night, they posted a lengthy statement on Reddit in which they strongly dispute Persson's claims.

"We are very disappointed by these tweets from someone we admire and respect," the statement reads. "The quotes and actions that Notch attributed to us were not said by us or published anywhere by us. Therefore we are surprised and confused by where this stuff has come from."

Notch's initial complaint about the team was "you don't f-bomb kids," believed to be a reference to their profanity-laden panel but later clarified, with Persson claiming the team had sworn at a child asking for an autograph. "Regarding dropping f-bombs at the show – we apologise for this," Yogscast says, "but had rehearsed the whole show in front of the organisers and half of Mojang and they had approved it. We were given no guidelines or oversight in the weeks leading up to Minecon.

"Out of all the tweets, most hurtful was the accusation that we told a kid to 'fuck off' and crossed out another signature – which is something we would never ever do."

The trio admit being frustrated with the apparent lack of organisation at the event, but insist: "We would never have treated fans in the way that Notch suggested we did." They also claim that Mojang sold Minecon broadcast rights – Yogscast's panel included – to IGN without consulting them, though the website has since taken its video of their panel down so it can be hosted on their YouTube channel.

The statement also disputes Notch's claim that the team asked to be paid for attending. Persson responded to the Reddit post containing the statement, saying only: "Fair enough," later editing in: "I mean this in a positive way."