Zero Point Raises $125,000 In Fan Funding

Zero Point Raises $125,000 In Fan Funding

Zero Point Raises $125,000 In Fan Funding

Zero Point Software, developer of the planned “AAA Indie” firstperson shooter trilogy Interstellar Marines, has confirmed that it has so far raised $125,000 in funding from the game’s community.

The Danish developer has opted to fund development of its game through crowdsourcing, rather than working with traditional publishers, after it grew frustrated with attempts to secure a publishing deal for the project.

“The negotiations stopped when it became clear to us that we needed to hand over all of our IP and make a lousy revenue share deal,” Kenneth Anderson, producer and lead sound designer, told

“So it was time to make a new strategy. We came up with this crazy idea that our community should be able to pre-order the game years before it was finished and we haven’t regretted this decision since.”

Development of Interstellar Marines began back in 2006, and Zero Point describes the game’s development and marketing model as AAA Indie, offering a high-quality experience that can rival those released by major publishers without the studio having to operate under publisher constraints.

The game’s community has over 103,000 registered members, with over 2,100 of those paying $39 for the Spearheard bundle of all three games in the trilogy. Users can also pay $5 to purchase support medals, which unlock content on the Interstellar Marines website.