Zoe Mode: Publishers increasingly expect too much from small budgets

Zoe Mode studio head Paul Mottram believes that publishers increasingly expect to invest digital project budgets in return for retail-quality games. Speaking during a roundtable discussion hosted by Gamesindustry.biz, Mottram stressed that the growth of digital platforms has resulted in publishers who expect too much from download titles with smaller budgets. “It’s hard for us because none of the platforms are dominant at the moment,” he said. “The Wii is on the wane, obviously Zumba [Fitness] has done really well on that, and we hope we see some success there, but there’s a nervousness which we’re seeing from publishers who are traditionally funding some of our products. With the move to digital, what I’ve seen is people wanting to spend XBLA budgets but expecting retail content. Unless we can address that it’s going to be very hard for us to deliver the games we want to make.”