Zynga Goes Cross-Platform with HTML5

Zynga Goes Cross-Platform with HTML5

Newly-released Mafia Wars: Atlantic City runs on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and WebOS.

Social gaming giant Zynga has launched the latest in its popular Mafia Wars series, Atlantic City.

The release is notable because it is the first time Zynga has developed a game in HTML5 rather than the usual Flash. This means that not only can it be played on any PC web browser but also on any smartphone browser that supports HTML5 – meaning the game is playable on iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and WebOS.

The original Mafia Wars is currently the seventh-most popular game on Facebook, boasting 3.1 million daily active users. It is just one of many Zynga games that dominate Facebook rankings. While FarmVille remains the most popular, the recently-launched CityVille is catching up fast. With over 51 million monthly active users, if it maintains its current growth rate it will pass FarmVille in a matter of days.

With its grip on Facebook seemingly secure Zynga is now looking to expand into other markets. It recently purchased Newtoy, developers of popular iPhone word game Words With Friends; Japanese mobile firm Unoh; and middleware firm Dextrose AG.

The move will also be a boost for HTML5, as the language allows games to run on devices that do not support Flash in their web browsers.