Zynga Japan closes its doors, though support for Yin Ayakashi Record to continue


Zynga Japan has posted a notice of dissolution on its website, confirming the studio’s closure, which was announced just before Christmas. The notice thanks players for their support over the two and half years since the branch was opened, and states that the studio will officially close its doors on January 31.

The studio was opened in June 2010 in partnership with Japanese telecommunications and media firm Softbank, which invested $150 million in the company.

A number of the Zynga Japan’s titles have already been closed as part of Zynga’s wide-reaching cut-backs, though support for iOS and Android card battler Yin Ayakashi Record will continue.

Over the Christmas break, we charted Zynga’s decline during 2012, and considered what it will mean for the future of social games and free-to-play.