A history of videogame hardware: Nintendo DS

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at 03:30pm June 30 2014
Nintendo DS

For a while it appeared as though Japan’s booming video game business was immune to the country’s drawn-out economic bust. As Japan slumped into a deep recession, the industry flew an inverse trajectory, reaching a dizzying peak in 1997 thanks to the invigorating success of Sony’s PlayStation. But soon enough the long winding lines of…

WildStar review

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at 12:00pm June 30 2014

WildStar is comfortable being an MMOG. It’s strange that this is remarkable, and that it should be a cause for celebration when a new game in a popular genre seems happy to be what it is. But the recent history of the MMOG is a story of games caught between audiences, brands and genres. WildStar…

Mikami returns to the action-horror genre with The Evil Within

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at 10:00am June 30 2014
The Evil Within

An exploding head is just about the last thing you’d expect to feel comforting, but somehow The Evil Within manages to convey a deeply nostalgic assurance with every skull you burst. Plant a shell or two in an enemy’s face and a warm, frothy spray of gore bubbles forth like the lemonade of childhood, coupled…

Retrospective: Virtua Tennis 3

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at 12:00pm June 28 2014
Virtua Tennis 3art

The last few years have seen developers of sports games become increasingly obsessed with the notion of realism. Despite the annual FIFA game outselling nearest rival Pro Evolution Soccer every year, licence-guzzling giant EA talks openly about trying to emulate the realism that its closest rival offers. So it’s ironic that Virtua Tennis 3 –…

A history of videogame hardware: Xbox

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at 03:30pm June 27 2014

When Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, took to the main stage at the Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California on 10 March 2000 to announce the company’s long-rumoured entry to the home video game console market, he was full of hyperbolic promise. The X-box (as it was written at the time) was to be…

Grid: Autosport review

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at 12:00pm June 27 2014

We’re in the middle of the pack on the second lap of a touring car race when something other than our shunt-happy opponents hits us: this feels like TOCA again. With its continual reinvention of cherished series, Codemasters has been nothing if not brave, but the UK studio has returned to its roots for Autosport,…

Ultra Street Fighter IV review

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at 10:00am June 27 2014
Ultra Street Fighter IV review

Street Fighter II’s combo system was an accident. Capcom never meant for players to be able to cancel an attack’s animation with an early input of another move. It was spotted during bug testing, left in place, and went on to define a genre. Development team sizes are much bigger nowadays and QA processes are…

A history of videogame hardware: Nintendo GameCube

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at 03:30pm June 26 2014

The mighty had fallen. Nintendo, the saviour of the video game in the mid-1980s and its definer for the next decade had, by the time of Nintendo 64’s decline, lost its place at the heart of the industry it had established and sustained. While Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time…

Sniper Elite III review

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at 01:36pm June 26 2014
Sniper Elite III

You’d think a stealth game shouldn’t share much in common with Mortal Kombat, but try telling Rebellion that. Sniper Elite III sees the return of its predecessor’s slow-mo, X-ray-vision killcams, which lovingly follow a bullet’s path from barrel to bollock. When a round hits home, skulls fracture and eyeballs explode. Lungs, hearts, testicles and the bones…

Genre reinvention and digital nostalgia for the tangible in Hitman Go

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at 12:00pm June 26 2014
Hitman Go

TWEET: Steven Poole admires the craftsmanship of Hitman Go One of the most satisfyingly surprising things that can happen in modern industrial art is when a cultural property reinvents itself in a different genre. The classic example is Alien, a horror film, becoming Aliens, a war film. (Prometheus is arguably the first true science-fiction film…

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