1000 Heroz review

1000 Heroz review

Despite the faddy title, 1000 Heroz wants to be a keeper: it offers no less than three years of play, featuring a new level every day alongside daily and custom leaderboards, all from the design talent of the studio behind Trials HD. What could go wrong?

This is a precision platformer, built around learning how to slide, hop and leap each day's course in order to shave fractions of seconds off your time. All past levels are available to play if you've missed them, though global leaderboards are frozen after a single day's play. 

There's a deep fascination in figuring out alternative routes and the right bounces to use in each course, but 1000 Heroz’s interchangeable characters never quite bond to your fingers like RedLynx’s motocross bike did. The controls, to be fair, are some of the most precise you'll find on iPhone, but they’ll never match an analogue trigger. 

Unfair comparison? Maybe. But 1000 Heroz depends for its appeal on you buying into its big idea of playing one level a day, every day – which sounds like a neat idea until you realise the alternative is getting a whole game at once. And so far, the levels simply aren't bursting with the kind of fresh ideas that make you want to check back. 

The finely tuned platforming lays solid foundations for a leaderboard racer, and the custom leaderboards are well implemented, but this just doesn't feel like something you'll be playing in a month, never mind three years. You can’t fault its ambition, and it may yet transform itself into an essential title, but presently, 1000 Heroz falls short of its lifespan.