Bring Me Sandwiches!! review

Bring Me Sandwiches!! review

Of the many surprises the App Store has spurred in its youthful history, one of the most pleasant is the rise of Adult Swim as a publisher. The cable network has shrewdly teamed up with a pair of talented iOS developers, and Bring Me Sandwiches!!, courtesy of Grumpyface Studios, follows PikPok’s splendid Monsters Ate My Condo as the second of five iOS games due out before the end of the year.

You play as an endearingly gormless fast food worker, tasked with satisfying the gluttonous demands of an enormous extraterrestrial. A minion provides both layers of bread, and it’s your job to hop around side-scrolling stages across four countries to find enough filling. Reaching the target doesn’t always suffice; often you’ll be required to gather specific ingredients, ranging from chillies to soccer balls.

It plays out rather like a 2D Katamari, with Gourmo the alien a stand-in King Of All Cosmos. Each additional sandwich increases the size of the objects you’re able to collect, which in turn peels back the layers of each level. Geysers spring from smashed hydrants, offering a route to higher platforms and manholes reveal entry to underground areas, while wooden lattices can be burned with a lighter pickup to free confined objects. It may lack the satirical intent of Takahashi’s creation, but there’s a similar joy in adding progressively larger ingredients – particularly those that previously proved hazardous – to the pile.

iOS devices are rarely suited to precision platforming; thankfully, the game is forgiving enough that failed leaps are a rarity, while both slider and tilt controls are well-calibrated. It also commendably refuses to withhold content: later stages unlock with the minimum of fuss, though additional levels and bonuses are available for those who earn enough golden slices, awarded for beating time limits and score tallies, and by avoiding spillages. The inclusion of a food journal, detailing the ingredients you’ve used and those that haven’t yet been found, will be manna for completists in another sparky, generous and amusing offering from Adult Swim.