Cannon Cat review

Cannon Cat review

Cannon Cat is distraction gaming at its warmest, its most blessedly inane. A blend of vector guesswork and one-tap controls, it plays out in swift little bursts as you fire a red-jumpsuited feline from cannon to cannon to cannon, and then on to the end-of-level warp-gate. Done! There are thousands of offerings like this on iOS already, of course, with dozens more piling up every day. Play this one, though, because its cannons are of the highest quality – sliding, turning, and erupting with a confident puff of air – and because its art and howling, yelping audio suggest an intriguing world of innocent torture and breezy experimentation.

Challenges are short and fight all temptations towards complexity: this is about building up a simple rhythm as you work from one hurdle to the next and deciding, on the fly, whether to nab all of the collectable starfish on offer, or just hot-foot it to the exit. The campaign is brief and rather directionless – and the difficulty curve, by extension, is all over the place – but the physics are spry and reliable, and the sweet-natured animation makes up for a surprising paucity of new ideas.

Microtransactions will allow you to boost your reserves of in-game cash and buy a range of theoretically handy power-ups, but, for the most part, you don’t really need them. This is pleasantly inconsequential stuff, in other words. Colourful, crafty, and cheerily free of ambitions, it’s the perfect companion for a drowsy early morning commute.


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