DaWindci review

DaWindci review

When we saw that name, we certainly did a winci. Fortunately daWindci is far superior to its punning: this is a balloon-em-up from the highest level of the atmosphere, casting you as a wind-controlling god guiding a hot air balloon through gorgeous landscapes.

Thwacking into the side of a mountain will damage the balloon – too much and it'll burst – while hitting the thorns which occasionally crop up is a big no-no. But though it has its moments, daWindci isn't hugely interested in being punitive: the pleasure here is in jostling and forcing the balloon through springy trees, sweeping it out into fresh air and letting it drift through crosswinds with just an adjusting flick.

The give and take of the craft, its deceptive acceleration and sometimes huge braking distances, is daWindci's main delight – this hot air balloon never for a second feels like a plain old balloon. 

This is closely followed by the details of its cute miniature world, which gives the long but bitesized journey a feeling of progression that all the achievements in the world couldn't match. DaWindci's a sedate, slow burning thrill.