Escape From Age Of Monsters review

Escape From Age Of Monsters review

Massive Joe's previous title, Age Of MonstersRock Paper Scissors brought the lavish Saturday morning cartoon aesthetic of Emmy-winner Jeff Matsuda to a classic game design. Follow-up Escape From Age Of Monsters keeps the style, but layers Matsuda's art and the guitars of The Binges over the endless runner genre.

Playing as the lanky Gizzard, it's your job to lead a troupe of smaller kids through the levels, punching away obstacles with your oversized gloves and slashing the screen to collect powerups. Both gloves and walls are colour coded, and must be hit with the matching fist or you'll lose a life (literally, in the form of one your fleeing wards). But perfectly timed punches are rewarded, a string of them activating the points-boosting Turbo mode. 

While the action's stylish, punching away endless walls and monstrous fish soon palls. The detection of item-grabbing slashes is often fumbled, and since moving your finger can leave you prone to missing punches, it ruins a promising risk-reward system. There's also a gradual unlock system of multiplier-boosting items to keep you playing, but they unlock torturously slowly through the completion of arbitrary tasks. You can unlock items and even a permanent extra life through coins that are earned slowly through play, or quickly via real-world money – a bit rich in a paid-for app for the pester-power crowd. So of all the monsters here, perhaps the most fearsome is the money-grubbing one staring at parents' wallets.

Tested on 1st gen iPad. You can discuss the game and review in the comments section below, in the iOS Games Edge forum thread, or on our Facebook and Google+ pages.


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