Furry Legends review

Furry Legends review

Furry Legends appears on the DSi’s download store after the series’ underwhelming debut on WiiWare – a switch in platforms that, in the current climate, makes all the business sense of an eleventh hour shift to Betamax or 8-track. Compounding the platformer’s problems, meanwhile, is a big-eyed, faintly anonymous art style suggesting that the cast of hand-animated fur-balls wouldn’t be out of place on the air freshener shelf of an all-night petrol station.

Things don’t improve once Furry Legends gets going, sadly. Level designs are pleasantly intricate and boast the odd decent puzzle, but they feel cramped when shoved onto the DSi’s screen, and they tend to come with frame rate issues and endless opportunities to enjoy a cheap death. Worse yet, the control scheme is poorly implemented and prone to glitches: attacks have no force, stopping distance and jumping physics are both miserably unpredictable, and ledges often seem to have low invisible walls stuck in front of them, making simply moving from one part of a level to the next irritatingly hazardous.

Ultimately, Gamelion’s lacklustre effort serves as a helpful case study for anybody interested in investigating why no-one’s ever made a successful platform game about a character with almost no body weight before. It turns out that characters with almost no bodyweight feel laggy to manoeuvre and unsatisfying to nanny through long, complex levels filled with spike pits, swinging ropes, and rudimentary combat. Despite the obvious effort that’s gone into its creation, it all adds up to an adventure that is deeply flawed in both premise and execution – and a legend that is probably best left ignored.


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