Infinity Field review

Infinity Field review

It would be hard to improve on Geometry Wars 2, but that doesn't prevent a pang of sadness from the knowledge that Bizarre Creations is no longer around to try. Infinity Field comes close, however, and it does so due to an ace up its sleeve: it has easily the most responsive dual-stick controls of any shooter on iOS thus far, outmanoeuvring the competition so thoroughly that it's not even a contest.

Infinity Field is hugely influenced by Geometry Wars 2's aesthetic and selection of modes, but it's no clone. Ideas that aren't new are given a twist, and a strong selection of power-ups with well considered impacts give the standard shooting a new kick. The thumping soundtrack is too adroit to be mere coincidence, however, and, sure enough, checking the credits turns up Geometry Wars alumnus Chris Chudley.

Infinity Field

Of Infinity Field's original modes the poorly named Snake is a favourite. Your ship is given a long trailing tail, from which a red laser beam extends to your ship, meaning you have to coil and twist to position the laser so it slices up enemies in huge explosive arcs. Insane mode isn’t especially clever; it just gets crazily intense almost straightaway, which is good enough for us. Cruces and Unarmed are less exciting, buzzing too closely to their Geometry Wars equivalents, Waves and Pacifism, while making changes that overcomplicate the formulae.

Despite the odd misstep, Infinity Field is a great dual-stick shooter that moves into essential territory with its controls. The debt to Geometry Wars is obvious, but Infinity Field adds more than enough to differentiate its own play style – on top of its sparkling particle effects and awesome beats. Until the king returns, then, it'll more than suffice.