Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting review

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting review

Capcom's record with its major franchises on iPhone is spotty: Street Fighter IV makes a remarkably good miniature, while Resident Evil 4 just looks a lot smaller. Monster Hunter makes the transition in style, its core elements streamlined and focused – almost to a fault. 

Fighting is all there is to Dynamic Hunting – with no room afforded to Monster Hunter's RPG element, it’s goodbye to towns, hunting grounds and free roaming. Instead there's a series of one-on-one arena fights against increasingly tough monsters, allied to a slimmed-down version of the crafting system whereby you make hats from your former foes' paws. 

The fighting system is controlled with two fingers, and though it can broadly be described as one finger moving, one attacking, the permutations make things much more strategic. Successful dodges (two fingers in either direction) build up powerful 'slices' (flicks) which can build up into a relentless onslaught of carapace-cracking blows.

What Dynamic Hunting captures is the back-and-forth rhythm of Monster Hunter fights, the swings between danger and all-out attack, the wounds and the frenzies. Though the loot system is slimmed-down from its PSP and console parent games, it retains the knack of offering very desirable gear from which you're always just one or two grinds away. This is Monster Hunter, perhaps not as we knew it, but it’s the same beast, with the same stomach for a fight.