Moops review

Moops review

In principle, Moops offers two different games in one. Sadly, neither of them really belongs together, and both are mired in their own frustrations. In the first, you’re a pest controller wandering around a bizarre world of platforms and gangways, opening chests to score loot and smacking critters about so that your dumpy partner can vacuum their bodies up and turn them into cash. The slack-jawed art style’s interesting in a Stranger’s Wrath sort of way, but the controls are floaty and unresponsive, and the collision detection is miserably inadequate.

Occasionally, you’ll enter somebody’s house to clear out specific infestations. This is where the second game crops up in the form of a small suite of mini-challenges that see you tackling enemies en masse. Flick them, squish them, uncover their hiding places: these bug-hunting set-pieces introduce a welcome jolt of adrenaline as you work against the clock to earn a series of stars.

The designs of the minigames are alright, but the controls, once again, are on hand to drain all the fun away. Whether you’re jabbing or swiping at the screen, the lag is terrible and the animation’s unresponsive. Too many taps simply don’t register, and even when they do, it’s hard to trust the design enough to then try and pull off anything precise.

Moops isn’t a bad idea for a iOS title, then, but it’s extremely poorly implemented. For a game about bug hunting, it’s failed to catch enough of its own.