Prose With Bros review

Prose With Bros review

“The curvy lady is watched by the men, and rapid hands work their will!” If Prose With Bros says anything about iOS, it's that, despite Steve Jobs' best efforts, filth cannot be suppressed and the average person can turn the most innocuous collection of words into a pornographic haiku with surprising ease. 

The setup is ingenious: two players are given the same large pile of words (the exact number differs, but it's usually around fifty), any number of which can be assembled in any order and punctuated. When both players have submitted their masterpiece (play is asynchronous) Prose With Bros does something brilliant: it submits the two creations to the masses for a vote.

Needless to say, this encourages creative debauchery of the first order. The game rapidly becomes who can make the funniest, dirtiest phrases from the words on offer. We're especial fans of the user Ozmo, who submitted this gem a few days ago: “Dreaming of discreetly poking his scrumptious bride, the Spaniard shaved them fuzzy nuggets clean.” 

You could play it straight, but all of our attempts at profundity resulted in humiliating losses to fat bottomed girls doing things with pineapples. Prose With Bros is irresistible: the interface is clean and simple, voting is snappy, and the algorithm producing each game's jumble of words delivers perfectly innocent but eminently corruptible English every time. If you don't like it, stick a finger in your lederhosen, fat man. Oops, hidden priest!


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