QuBit review

QuBit review

QuBit is a great racing and crashing score attack game, with plenty of obvious inspirations without being quite like any of them. You control the titular cube as it travels into the screen, accompanied by an increasing number of floating cubes. Crashing into crystals that match the colour of the floating cubes dims them. Dim all the cubes around QuBit and that's a combo, and one step closer to the end of that wave. But crash into the wrong colour crystal or run out of energy and the game's over.

This simple chaining system is kept in check beautifully by the QuBit's energy, which will sometimes drop dangerously low while you're hoarding colours for a combo. To recharge, you must surf along shimmering white lines, which drops the current combo build up. The challenge scales up smoothly, from initially gentle steering to mad changes of direction to clip the furthest shard of a crystal, supported by three control schemes that are each finely tuned and precise.

An often uncredited aspect of high score games is audio, and QuBit delivers with a pulsing track that builds and builds as your score climbs. Even better, the floating cubes around the QuBit are animated in time with the music, with their movements becoming more exaggerated as the beats intensify. A word, too, for the sound effects: never have smashing crystals sounded so smashing.

QuBit is only held back by itself: as a linear drive-into-things score attack game, it's a great one. But it never quite unfolds in the way that the very greatest do – a Space Giraffe or Geometry Wars – to reveal layer after layer of variation. It's as simple is as simple does; or perhaps we're just not good enough at it. Regardless, put us down as curious about the Secret Sauce.


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