Viewpoint review

Viewpoint review

This is another massive megabit title, but for once you can see where the memory has gone. Every single sprite has been rendered in 3D, predrawn and stored in memory. And the result is stunning: every creature, gun emplacement and missile looks like a solid 3D object: serpents dive in and out of the water with breathtaking realism, and the huge bosses are just stupendous.

So much for aesthetics: what of the gameplay? Ah, this is where things fall down slightly. When all said and done, Viewpoint is still just a shoot ‘em up, and not a particularly innovative one at that. Later bosses are stupidly hard to destroy and merciless restart points take you miles back into the level.

It has an addiction born of frustration and of the desire to see the graphics but there’s a high price to pay… and that’s the inordinately high price you have to pay.

This review originally appeared in E1, October 1993.


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