Among The Sleep review

Among the sleep

Having wandered the corridors of so many haunted asylums of late, encountering Among The Sleep’s fresh take on videogame horror comes as something of a relief. You spend your time moving between a surreal imagined world and a suburban house, both equally unfamiliar thanks to Krillbite Studio’s masterstroke: casting you as a two-year-old child. Appropriately, the… Continue reading

Sniper Elite III review

Sniper Elite III

You’d think a stealth game shouldn’t share much in common with Mortal Kombat, but try telling Rebellion that. Sniper Elite III sees the return of its predecessor’s slow-mo, X-ray-vision killcams, which lovingly follow a bullet’s path from barrel to bollock. When a round hits home, skulls fracture and eyeballs explode. Lungs, hearts, testicles and the bones… Continue reading

Entwined review


Entwined is meant to be a poster child. With a big on-stage announcement all of its own at Sony’s E3 conference, it’s being positioned as a bright, whimsical champion to lead the company’s growing army of artsy indie games. It plays like a checklist for the anti-triple-A brigade: sparkly-if-basic visuals; simple, repetitive gameplay and a… Continue reading