Fetch review


Fetch would dearly love to be a Pixar movie. It even knows which Pixar movie – it’s Up that Fetch’s fixation with lovable canines recalls. Casting you as a boy on the trail of dog stolen by corporate robots (literally), Fetch requires you solve puzzles and play a collection of minigames in order to progress through a series of beautifully intricate, animated screens.

Touch almost anything in onscreen in Fetch and it’ll react. Bubbles pop, parrots flap their wings; computer screens come to life. Unless, of course, you’re not supposed to interact with them yet, because Fetch is inconsistent as to whether or not your agency relates to its protagonist or is incidental to him.

Sometimes you’ll want to interact with onscreen furniture only to discover that no, you have to guide the boy there first. At other times you’ll be able activate items and trigger animations for him like a helpful poltergeist. It’s not clear what the rules are.

There are no tricky puzzles in Fetch, since the game is busy steering you towards the arcade cabinets where the bulk of its challenge lies. The secret to progressing through any given area will always lie in completing the minigame housed within – and that game will usually be a perfectly serviceable clone of the type of game you find without an adventure wrapper on the App Store. There’s a lot of charm to Fetch, and this is as charmingly produced as anything on iOS, but there’s little adventure or arcade substance beneath its surface.