Infestor review


Nothing sums up Infestor’s adorable sadism quite so much as the moment your cute little blob of green goo needs to jump across a long gap. Said goo is parasitic, you see, and has already engulfed the head of its human host, taking control of its motor functions in the process. Those legs alone aren’t enough for this particular leap, however, so in order to make the landing you must detach yourself from your victim in midair, sailing to safety and leaving nothing but a mushy pile of pixels behind.

A puzzle game on paper, though more of a platformer in execution, Infestor is a less frenetic release from the makers of League of Evil and its sequel, challenging players with working their way to the exit of sixty levels filled with traps, obstacles and unsuspecting victims. NPCs come in various flavours, from the boring vanilla of besuited, high-jumping citizens and block-pushing manual labourers to the altogether fruitier laser-wielding soldiers and their generals. While there are occasionally multiple solutions to a level, your challenge is usually to work out the order in which these victims must be possessed in order to transport your gelatinous form from one end of the level to the next.

Unfortunately, it’s never particularly tricky to work out. With a relatively limited stable of NPCs to draw from, its levels cease to perplex early on, and the challenge shifts instead to navigating the levels with Infestor’s (rather tricky on iPad) virtual controls. As a platformer it’s not Ravenous’ best, and as a puzzle game Infestor doesn’t quite provide enough material for its parasitic premise to build on.