Mittens review


The App Store blurb makes a hopeful tilt at ‘innovative’, but Disney’s latest physics puzzler is anything but: it adheres tightly to the formula that served it so well in Where’s My Water?, adopting a very familiar iOS game structure – collect three doohickeys as you transport Object A to End Point B – before layering on the polish and charm.

In this instance, you’re helping Mittens the amorous alleycat grab items to win the paw of the rather demanding Mia, from milk bottles to balloons to wide-eyed mice. At first you’ll traverse rooftops by firing him from bendy aerials, cajoling nosy onlookers to open windows that boost him upwards. Later, he’ll be fired from cannons and swing on trapezes at the circus, while minecarts, bats and TNT plungers propel him through darkened caves, every object activating with a tap or a swipe. As ever, the challenge is in teasing out the optimum route via experimentation, and if the early stages of each group are predictable, nabbing all three diamonds on every one proves surprisingly exacting. You’ll be thankful Mittens has more than nine lives.

Trial and error doesn’t sit well with everyone, of course, but it undoubtedly helps that failure offers its own rewards: Mittens getting burned, zapped, crushed or simply yelping as he plummets to his doom is amusing, and perseverance is rewarded with an adorable animation and an instant earworm of a celebratory jingle. It’s formulaic, then, but sticking with what you know doesn’t often produce such satisfying results.