Race The Sun review

Race The Sun

Race The Sun is a high-score gauntlet that tasks you with guiding a solar-powered hovercraft through its maze-like minimalist landscapes. Your ship is constantly charging forward and to keep its momentum you need to stay in the light, avoiding the shadows cast by each stage’s mix of scenery and obstacles or its back to the starting line.

Stages begin basic, built up of trees and pyramid-shaped mountains all drawn in the game’s crisp, origami-like aesthetic, but grow progressively more punishing as they throw everything from rolling wheels and falling pillars to blinding bombs and lasers at your thunderous charge to the next section.

There are various pick-ups along the way, many unlocked by ranking up your craft, such as the ability to jump, survive a deadly collision or pick up distant multiplier beacons with a magnetic pull. Some perks require you to specifically customise your craft, elevating the experience beyond its seemingly shallow arcade gameplay and adding a sense of involvement as you restart the game’s daunting world over and over, attempting to crack the global rankings.

Repetition isn’t a long-term problem, however, as Race The Sun’s game-world is reset daily, offering a brand new remix of the game’s assets and obstacles for the community to conquer and compete over. There’s a level editor that allows users to upload stages to portals tucked away in the main game, too, and it keeps things fresh for players frustrated by a particular day’s set of stages.

If Race The Sun’s tracks remain as consistently well-paced and tiered as the raft of stages we’ve experienced to date, then it can be considered a success rather than an experiment: a confident genre hybrid worthy of your time and patience because who knows, today could be your day.

Race The Sun is out now on PC, Mac and Linux.