Rayman Fiesta Run review


If you aren’t hungry when you start playing Rayman Fiesta Run, you soon will be. It’s a monument to gluttony: you’ll slide past strings of chili peppers, bounce off sizzling chorizo, and leap through a world of watermelon slices and lime halves, diving off cocktail umbrellas into a sea of tequila. Little wonder that, when your journey takes you into the belly of a dragon named El Stomacho, you spend your time escaping from a rising tide of acid reflux.

Accordingly, this follow-up to last year’s Jungle Run suffers from overindulgence. It’s a very similar game to its predecessor, an auto-runner in which Ubisoft’s mascot runs and jumps through a variety of obstacle courses, collecting glowing Lums on the way. Here, snaring all 100 of the floating collectables unlocks a harder remix of the stage you’ve just finished, though oddly it’s easier to snaffle them all when new hazards provide a much more transparent path to follow.

As with the last game, a perfect run is a rhythmic joy, a combination of memory and reflexes carrying you to the finish. And while the addition of power-ups makes it a rather less punishing challenge, it’s too easy to rely on the boost which highlights the places to jump, punch and hover – not least for Jungle Run players who get a substantial currency bonus upon starting the game.

That Ubisoft feels such additions are necessary perhaps says something about the level design, which suffers in comparison to its tauter, leaner predecessor: at times, there’s too much visual fuss, at others too many moving parts. This is still a fine – and visually opulent – auto-runner, but it’s bloated, too; a little restraint would have gone a long way.

Rayman Fiesta Run is out on iOS and Android now.