The Grading Game review: an iOS game for grammar pedants everywhere



You’re a post-grad with a mountain of debt. You’ve been hired as a teaching assistant to a malicious lecturer determined to fail any students found to have insulted him on the internet. You have 30 seconds to find all the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors in the following passage. Go!

That’s the simple, engaging premise behind The Grading Game, which casts you in the role of proofreader as you skim three separate pieces on a given subject by a single student. The quality of their argument matters not: your boss is a stickler for grammar rather than content, and so you simply tap any mistakes you see, your finger a surrogate red pen. Speed is of the essence, though you’re penalised for erroneous taps, and given the strict time limits that can be the difference between a pass and a fail.

Though the core idea never changes, stages come in several variants: sometimes you’ll be asked to finish quickly, the remaining time affecting the student’s grade and your pay packet, while others might ask you to find a single error in a lengthy passage. The mistakes doctoral students make are less obvious than those made by their junior year counterparts, and you’ll need a sharp eye to spot imperfect comma usage or tautologies as the seconds tick by.

It’s undeniably a one-trick pony, then, but it’s a good trick, performed with flair and polish. Those inclined to correct grammatical howlers in friends’ Facebook missives will find this a far less confrontational way of sating their inner pedant.