Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops review


The second entry in Kukouri’s men-on-a-mission series iterates on, rather than overhauling, the formula that made Tiny Troopers such a success last year. The improvements are largely cosmetic, with everything about this sequel – from the menus to the maps – more polished and user friendly, springing to life on Retina-equipped iOS devices with bursts of colour and character.

From an isometric vantage point, you must once again guide your customisable crew through small, beautiful maps, ticking off objectives (shooting things, usually), collecting intel and rummaging for medals and currency that can be used to purchase weapon and skill upgrades from the main menu.

The controls remain simple: tap to move to a destination, tap on an enemy to attack, and drag and drop artillery icons from the side-bar to launch them into the fray. Health packs, ammo and heavy artillery can be purchased in the heat of battle, too, which means the game’s trickier maps – usually those with enemy infantry-generating barracks – are never too much to handle. As with its predecessor, Zombies mode is the one place the game poses a genuine challenge to its players as undead, suicidal chickens scamper toward your miniature heroes.

Kukouri’s series offers a satisfying casual take on a gameplay mould established by Sensible Software back in 1993 with Cannon Fodder. There are key differences, of course; that game could be crushing where Tiny Troopers is all about convenience, but one theme remains constant: war is cute as hell.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops is available on the App Store now for 69p / 99¢